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This story starts on the Chasin family farm...

I grew up on the Chasin family farm, a truly a magical place that always inspired creativity and innovation from simplicity. It was a place to be yourself. A place to dream. An inspiring place where imaginations ran wild and new ideas soared.

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Gluten free snacker for life

I've been gluten free since I was seven years old and snacking and crafting amazing ancient grains for as long as I can remember. I never understood why delicious and indulgent snacks are packed full of questionable ingredients and better-for-you snacks are, well, boring! Why can't we have both?

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We’re now the home for better and more FUN!

Straight out of college, I got to creating. I now introduce you to our snackventions! Wildly fun, good for you, and much kinder to the planet! We’re taking simple ancient grains and giving them the credit they deserve! So come chase dreams with us, you never know where they might take you!

- Sydney Chasin xx

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